Sample Screens

Jewelry Master has more features than any other jewelry software on the market today...

Take a look at some sample screens to learn what all we can offer your business

  • Detailed Customer Information (with Photos)
  • Customer Query with Customer Photos
  • Complete Customer Transaction History
  • Generated Hint-Hint Cards
  • Wish List of Requested Items
  • Dates and Occasions Reminder
  • Birthday and Anniversary Mailers
Combined Customer Receipts (with photo)
  • Customer Purchases
  • Trade-ins
  • Discount Calculation
  • Sales Tax
  • Tax Included Option
  • Purchase History
  • Lay-aways with Payment Journal
  • Lay-aways Query (with color photo)
Lay-away Summary  
  Supplier Item Analysis
  • Numerous Management and Audit Reports
  • Cash Drawer Balance Report
  • Automated Balancing and Accounting
  • Detailed Transaction Audit Report
  • Sales Tax Information
  • Sales Activity and Commissions
  • Supplier Bought/Sold Item Analysis
  • Real-time Sales and Law-away Graphs
  • Real-time Repairs Graphs
  • Special Order Tracking Report


  • Refund Processing
  • Automatic Store Credit Journal
  • Special Orders
  • Assembled Item Pricing and Control
  • Hold (with automatic release)
  • Consignment Sales (with color photo)
  • Inter-store Transfers
  • Memo Tracking


  • Multi-level Security Access
  • Networkable for Multiple Register Stations
  • On-site Installation and Training Available
  • Unlimited FREE Technical Support





Real-time Monthly Sales and Repairs Graph

Inventory Studies (overview and detail)

  • Auto-generated Appraisals (with item photo)
  • Laminated Mini-Appraisials
  • Appraisal Archiving and Retrieval
  • Proof of Purchase (with color photo)
  • Repairs (automated repair charges)
  • Pictured Repair Job Orders
  • Completed and Incomplete Repair Reports
  • Repair Query (with item photo)
  •  Thorough Inventory Control (with photos)
  • Loose Stone Inventory
  • Inventory Query (with photos of items)
  • Inventory Re-pricing (includes sales pricing)
  • Automated Inventory Verification
  • Bar-coded Inventory Tags
  • Automated Barcode Scanned Inventory Audit
  • POS Bar-code Scanner
  • Thermal Printed Bar-coded Price Tags


Now, it’s time to let Jewelry Master take care of all your jewelry management needs.