Read some testimonials from our Customers about how Jewelry Master allowed them to focus on the customers in the showroom and not the back office.

Jewelry Master is the best system we could have ever asked for. As a wholesale and retail store with a constant inventory of over 10,000 items, inventory control was a nightmare. Since we installed Jewelry Master, I know exactly what is in each showcase, what items are in backup, and what items are memoed to other stores. We also carry an extensive inventory of loose diamonds, but because our employees know we can track any item in a moments notice, the temptation for theft is eliminated. I also like the fact that Jewelry Master tells me exactly to the penny what my daily profit is. As for service, the Jewelry Master support staff is always there whenever we need them, no matter how trivial the problem might be.We are proud to be a Jewelry Master customer!

Billy Mitchell, Owner
Billy Mitchell Jewelers

This program is the best we have ever seen. We have been using Jewelry Master for about three years and it helps keep our store very organized in every aspect. Jewelry Master suits all of our store’s needs from doing repairs to helping the accountant keep the books. It is very user friendly and everyone has caught on very quickly on how to use it. I strongly urge anyone interested in a jewelry management system to get it. It will make business easier and cut out a lot of unnecessary work for everyone.

Rick Myers, Owner
R. Myers Jewelers

I have seen many jewelry management systems, but I have never seen one with the capabilities that Jewelry Master has. As I have observed on many jewelry related web sites, there are several people that want to do things that their current program does not support. Everything they mention is already included in Jewelry Master. It is a COMPLETE system. The reports that are generated not only help me in my buying process, but also let me know what I am selling, the price, who it was from, and how long it was in stock…all at the click of a button. I know I wrote a check to pay for our system, but it hasn’t cost me a dime! It has made and saved me thousands!! Thanks for all the hard work and upgrades. They are appreciated. Feel free to have anyone interested in Jewelry Master call me.

Jeff Dennis, Owner
Jeff Dennis Jewelers

If we didn’t have Jewelry Master running our business we would probably have closed up. I don’t see how we could operate effectively without it. Repairs are very organized and all sales are well-documented. It saves time, money and gives us peace of mind knowing we can depend on it. It has dramatically changed our operation making the information for sales, layaways, inventory control, special orders, and custom items easily accessible and at our fingertips.

Don Wright, Owner
Wright’s Jewelers

While I might stop short of calling Jewelry Master a miracle, I sure would say it has been a blessing in our store. I would hate to think how much more difficult life would have been over the last two years without it. The system has been very easy to learn with very little effort. I am now enjoying letting Jewelry Master do all the work for me. Thanks for all the hard work in developing Jewelry Master and the great support we receive as well.

Marty Grassi, Owner
Marty’s Fine Jewelry