Why do I need Jewelry Master?

So you can run your business more efficiently and make more money.

Industry experts are now stating that it is more necessary than ever to have a computerized operation in order to stay competitive in today’s market place. They also claim that non-computerized stores will fail to exist if they continue using a manual record keeping system. Studies indicate that computerized stores are more profitable and have better inventory turn over…and they do it with less staffing and expense. In other words, they are more efficient, better organized and make more money.

It is also very important to note that insurance companies are placing more stringent requirements on jewelry businesses to have the capability to provide timely andĀ audit-ableĀ records of their merchandise. If your store was to be robbed, could you afford to be out of business while you manually compile the massive amount of information that insurance companies require in order to settle a claim. Without computerized records, it may take several months or even longer. And even then, you may have to accept a much lower settlement for your losses…which nationally averages about a third of your claim. With Jewelry Master, you can submit an accurate claim in a matter of minutes, All you do is simply press a button to produce a detailed report and picture of each item.

As you can see…if you want to be a more profitable and better organized business while also meeting today’s insurance requirements…then you most definitely need the valuable benefits of Jewelry Master.